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1.1 million NHS Health Checks have taken place this year – doubling that of 2022. The coronavirus pandemic put a stop to face-to-face Health Checks, meaning the free service for 40 – 75 year olds was not delivered. It is now in more demand than ever from patients, therefore requiring those who can deliver NHS Health Checks to be fully trained and ready to carry out the service.

Through early identification and management, the NHS Health Check programme aims to raise awareness of dementia, as well as aiming to prevent:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Stroke

Mortality statistics from COVID-19 identified increased risks for individuals with diabetes, hypertensive diseases, chronic kidney disease and dementia, particularly in the higher age bracket. Therefore, the NHS Health Checks service is more relevant than ever in its role to identify these risk factors, address health inequalities and prevent long term conditions.

What is Health Check Mentor?

In partnership with Karen Davies, Inspire4Change (Vascular and Diabetes Nurse Specialist), Eggu has been delivering effective online training for 18 local authorities, and almost 2000 users, providing NHS Health Checks for the past 8 years.

Updated annually, this fully mobile responsive experience, means you can access the digital learning via desktop, tablet or mobile, any time that works best for you.

The elearning course explores the risks and causes of cardiovascular disease, how to perform an NHS Health Check and confidently calculate and communicate risk. It’s packed full of interactive activities, useful resources and helpful demonstration videos showing how to best deliver an NHS Health Check.

How is Health Check Mentor delivered?

Health Check Mentor is broken down into bitesize modules, so you can complete the course at your own pace and then dip back in at any time to refresh your memory or check any specific information without having to search the full course.

Module 1: What is NHS Health Check all about?

An introduction to NHS Health Checks; the aims and eligibility criteria, the latest best practice guidance and your role and responsibilities.

Module 2: Conditions Covered in an NHS Health Check

An overview of the cardiovascular conditions covered in an NHS Health Check; their causes, risk factors and effects.

Module 3: Conducting an NHS Health Check

Explore the key stages of an NHS Health Check; how each is performed, how best to analyse the results and helpful advice to share with your clients.

Module 4: Calculating and Communicating Risk in an NHS Health Check

Understand and practise using the risk calculator to estimate a client’s cardiovascular risk, knowing when and where to refer, and how to discuss risk within a motivational conversation.

How to access Health Check Mentor

There are two options to accessing the digital learning:

1. Shared Health Check Mentor Service

For a cost-effective annual subscription fee for your local authority or county (based on the number of GP Practices within your area), we provide the following:

  • Hosting and management
  • Ongoing course updates
  • Technical user Helpdesk
  • Scheduled user activity reports

Set up can be achieved quickly, within a few days. Users in your area can then sign up to the course using a unique enrolment key for your local authority area. Their activity will be reported on to your administrators via a monthly emailed report.

2. Dedicated Health Check Mentor Learning Platform

For a tailored, customised version of Health Check Mentor, with local information and the option to expand your portfolio of courseware, Eggu can develop bespoke packages on a dedicated platform. This is a slightly more costly solution, but it allows your local authority to both provide and collate customised data specific to your training and tracking requirements.

Get in touch for a 14-day trial and to find out more about the Health Check Mentor service.


  • Mobile responsive
  • Interactive activities
  • Demonstration videos
  • Monthly reporting

Providers can refresh and update their skills, at a time suitable to them. It gives us confidence that everyone is receiving the same quality and standard of training.

West Sussex County Council

I was in desperate need of a refresher after maternity leave and a few years off and this has given me confidence.

Health Check Mentor User

Health Check Mentor provides introductory training for those new to Health Checks and a refresher for those who haven’t been on training for some time.

East Sussex County Council

Easy to follow at your own pace, able to revisit sections if unsure on something, reaffirms that you are doing or saying the right thing and updates previous knowledge.

Health Check Mentor User

Very insightful and extremely helpful to gain confidence and competence when completing NHS health checks.

Health Check Mentor User

The course was clear and concise, and I particularly liked the inclusion of the video clips to demonstrate real-life situations.

Health Check Mentor User

The scheduled reports, showing who has accessed the tool, supports our governance processes and ensures we can demonstrate the cost benefit.

West Sussex County Council

Get in touch for a 14-day trial and to find out more about the Health Check Mentor service.

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