EDITED is the leader in global retail analytics, providing market data, trend insights, and AI-driven solutions to 48,000 brands worldwide via their SaaS platform. (think BooHoo, Puma, JCrew).

The Brief

  • Suite of online training materials for new customers
  • Tutorial video resource bank for EDITED’s online help function

To create bitesized video tutorials to educate users on how to use the software, ensure successful onboarding and product usage for their technology which helps retailers to operate efficiently with the right Market Intelligence and by connecting all retail metrics, identifying every insight and recommending ways to improve their retail business.

This was a 6 month project, delivered in a fast moving tech environment. The videos were uploaded to EDITED’s Thinkific LMS platform which is ideal for featuring phased video training content.

As learning was 100% video-based, clarity and consistency of instruction throughout was key for a successful experience, guiding learners through a complex software system. This approach is unlike alternative forms of digital learning delivery, where different learning formats can be blended together. Each module was linear, but created to also exist as standalone individual components.

To deliver this project, the team fully immersed themselves in EDITED’s culture, values, and brand, which wouldn’t ordinarily happen in a larger agency.

Our approach

The biggest part of this job was understanding the software and technology to create the scripts. The team spent hours and hours completing 1:1 training, learning how to use the software, so they could get to grips with industry terms, how the technology works, and how best to apply it. 

Next, was understanding the end user (which was a mix of roles like visual merchandisers, finance teams, and buyers) to understand their needs and perspectives. 

Script writing in a friendly, but instructional way, fitting with EDITED’s brand tone of voice. Every script also followed a certain formula, as well as cross checking terminology to ensure consistency across the suite of materials. This was a HUGE learning journey, with over 90% of the whole project time spent getting scripts approved.

We then recorded screens with Camtasia, and shared for approval, making sure they matched the script exactly. Our professional voiceover artist then recorded audio.

Finally, we then added animation to highlight important features, adding top and tail title screens and closed captioning to add the final touches.


  • Instructional design
  • Screen capture recording
  • Animation
  • Professional voiceover

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