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Digital learning to educate customers

When we think about digital learning, often our instinct is to visualise internal staff training. But the reality is that so much of promotion, PR and social media these days centres around building customer skills and knowledge.

Customer education is all about supporting your clients to learn about and extract the most value from your product or service.

Whether we are instructing how to use a product, shifting ideas or simply showcasing brand expertise and building a community.

So, here are our three key drivers for the use of digital learning to educate your customers.

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1. Build brand

At Eggu, we see a fine line between the techniques used in learning and promotion. Demonstrating your expertise through tutorials is a truly effective way to build brand reputation and trust.

Equally, for organisations such as charities, where sales are not the focus; educating followers on your mission is a golden opportunity to spread key messaging, promote your brand and further expand your reach.

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2. Improve satisfaction and loyalty

Digital learning content doesn’t need to centre wholly on your product or service. Instead, it can best a great means to demonstrate your overall values of an organisation, connect with customers and welcome them into a wider community culture.

Perhaps you’re looking to introduce customers to your ethical activities and sustainability efforts?

Maybe you’re hoping to educate followers around body inclusivity and celebrate diversity?

Or perhaps you’d like to champion improving your audience’s fitness and nutrition, with healthy step-by-step recipe guides or exercise plans, all whilst showcasing your product?

Educating your customers is always a valuable investment. It can foster true loyalty, ensuring longer engagement and retention. Trust us – by sharing such content, customers will feel validated in choosing you.

3. Streamline support

It may seem obvious, but digital learning is an effective and cost effective solution for software or technical product instruction. For customers, the provision of interactive online training can itself be a huge selling point.

Evidence shows us that tutorial videos are significantly more useful to customers than providing a lengthy readable manual. By filtering users to the exact FAQ or challenge, you can resolve their queries in an instant. The result? Happy customers all round!

You will find that without sufficient customer training, some products or services will just fall flat and potentially gain you negative reviews. Supporting your clients post purchase can be just as important to retain their custom as that initial sale.

And an added bonus – it’s an ideal solution to reduce enquiries and requests for support, ultimately saving you both time and money too.

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Do you have a product of service you would like to educate your customers on?

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