Celebrating the launch of our new brand and website at Verdigris.

Eggu – unveiling our new brand, built on creativity, collaboration, impact, and transformation

We proudly celebrated the birth of our new brand at the happiest of launch parties. Joined by our friends and colleagues, we raised a glass (or three) in celebration of our new identity at the fabulous Verdigris, nestled by the river in Tonbridge.

We were blown away by the amount of love in the room. We feel truly honoured to be surrounded by such a fantastic team, and to work with such amazing clients – we really do consider you to be our family.

Our new brand represents the values we live by; Creativity, Collaboration, Impact and Transformation.

We’re egg-stremely proud of our new name (yes, expect egg puns).

Huge thanks to Mooie Fee Photography for capturing some superb snaps and of course the fabulous 6rs for collaborating with us to design and develop this incredible new brand identity, that truly reflects the company we have become today.

Eggu Brand Launch Tonbridge

Inspired by a sausage dog, and so much more…

Eggu began as an idea, sparked from our teeniest team member, Edgar (also goes by the names Eggs, Eggy). We were looking for something unique, recognisable and just a little bit quirky.

Edgar Sausage Dog

We literally went through hours, and hours of brainstorming and dead-ends, when Mark came up with the idea of Eggu (Edgar was sat on his lap at the time).

It ticked all the boxes, and puts out littlest family member front and centre of our brand, which is proudly a family company, run by husband and wife team Kat & Mark Baldwin.

With the hatching of Eggu, a new chapter has begun – one defined by creation, energy and motivation (forever egging on your learners!). We’re ready to shake up the world, are you with us?

Eggu is ready to push the boundaries, and create change

Let’s get cracking.